Get Certified

Complete our Bid Beacon Event Planner Certification Program and benefit!

As A Certified Bid Beacon Event Planner, You'll Receive:

  • An exclusive event planner listing in our local event planner directory
  • Better discounts on our add-ons and bundles
  • Access to and input into Bid Beacon's product direction
  • A competitive advantage over other events planners in the form of a dedicated silent auction app
  • A viable secondary revenue source through our event planner bundles

How To Get Certified

Step 1
Familiarize yourself with Bid Beacon! Read our Bid Beacon support materials and FAQ section, and watch our Bid Beacon support videos playlist.
Step 2
Create a Bid Beacon account if you haven't already. Run at least one auction with all major Bid Beacon features enabled (all item types, guest bidding, payment configuration, etc.) Contact us if you need help setting this up, or refer to our Quick Start Guide for assistance.
Step 3
Apply for Bid Beacon Certification by filling out the form below.

Apply for Certification

  • Type in the auction code of a silent auction that you ran. This will help us to verify that you successfully ran an auction and qualify for Bid Beacon certification. Your code will be a six-character string.
  • Approximately how many silent auctions do you run in one year?

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