Get Certified

Complete our Bid Beacon Event Planner Certification Program and benefit!

As A Certified Bid Beacon Event Planner, You'll Receive:

  • A listing in our event planner directory
  • Better discounts on our add-ons and bundles
  • A Bid Beacon badge to display on your website and in your email signature
  • Access to and input into Bid Beacon's product road map
  • A competitive advantage over other events planners in the form of a dedicated silent auction app
  • A viable secondary revenue source through our event planner bundles

How To Get Certified

Step 1
Familiarize yourself with Bid Beacon! Read our Bid Beacon support materials and FAQ section, and watch our Bid Beacon support videos playlist.
Step 2
Create a Bid Beacon account if you haven't already. Run at least one auction with ALL major Bid Beacon features enabled. Refer to our Quick Start Guide for assistance.

Major features include:

  • All Item Types (Bid, Buy Now, Donation, Live, Blind Bid)
  • Guest Bidding
  • Dynamic End Time
  • Adding Admins
  • Inviting Guests
  • Auction Close
Step 3
Apply for Bid Beacon Certification by filling out the form below.

Apply for Certification

  • Type in the auction code of a silent auction that you ran. This will help us to verify that you successfully ran an auction and qualify for Bid Beacon certification. Your code will be a six-character string.
  • Biddable Item
  • How many silent auctions do you plan on running this year?
  • Upload a file of your event planner business/organization logo so we can add it to our directory.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.

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