Create an online marketplace to manage and sell your goods

Sell your goods online

Perfect for individual sellers and organizations of all sizes

Manage your merchandise sales, inventory liquidation, and more

Personalize your online marketplace with sponsors and custom branding

Key features

Can run indefinitely, and items can be paid for and processed at any time

Run your marketplace for FREE by including surcharges on your items

Automatically cycle inventory by applying custom start and end dates on each item

Affordable pricing

Payments are processed through Stripe Connect which allows funds to flow directly into your bank account

Bid Beacon's platform fee is 3.9%. Stripe Connect's fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

No upfront costs, subscriptions, or listing fees. Upload as many items as you want at no additional cost

No Surprises. Zero Hidden Fees.

Taxes, or currency exchange fees may apply in addition to the rates listed above

Full list of capabilities

Available in every marketplace!

If you’ve run auctions or marketplaces in the past, you can copy over your organization’s details, past items, past payment setup, and even past guests

Based on your location, your marketplace can collect payment in one of the supported currencies: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD

We’re here to help at [email protected]

Invoices and receipts are automatically created for you

Your marketplace can run for as long as you need

As you upload items into your marketplace, this calculates the total value of those items. This allows you to see how much your current inventory is worth at all times

Finding the perfect items to include in your auction has never been easier. Browse through our shop, pick the item(s) you want to add to your auction, if any of the items sell, you pay the wholesale price and then keep the profit! Learn more.

Set a goal and watch your funds grow as users purchase your items. This updates live and can be viewed by all guests

If you need to collect additional fees, our system can do it. Adding a surcharge to your items is a perfect way to recoup fees from Bid Beacon or Stripe Connect

Create donation items to allow guests to support you without needing to purchase an item

Personalize your marketplace with your brand colors, add a banner image and logo, and create a unique access code

Recognize your sponsors throughout the marketplace by including their logo, a description, and a link back to their website. Optionally, you can create sponsor tiers

Easily track and manage the guests who join your marketplace. There is no limit to the number of guests a marketplace can have

Automatically cycle items in or out of your marketplace by setting custom start or end times

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, you can upload as many items to your marketplace as needed at no additional cost

Optionally include a video link to each of your items to create engaging promotions for your items

Don’t tackle this alone. Invite additional administrators to help you set up and manage your marketplace

Every marketplace and item has its own QR code which can be used to help promote and attract new guests

Fully integrate your marketplace with Raffle Rocket. Guests from your marketplace can purchase raffle tickets from Bid Beacon, and vice versa. The marketplace will be promoted and accessible from your raffle’s web page

For help on setting up your online marketplace