Full Flexibility

Entirely Optional
Enabling Credit Card Payment gives guests the option to pay for their items through the app by credit card, but they can still pay in person with cash, cheque, or other credit card payment if your auction is equipped to do so.
Completely Secure
Our payment is handled by fully PCI compliant Stripe, which handles payments for giants like Kickstarter, Shopify and OpenTable.
Our Fee is Flat
Some auction sites take a percentage of your auction sales, whereas we only charge a flat fee to enable the payment option. Stripe, like any payment provider, does charge processing fees.
Setting up Stripe
Create a Stripe account
Click 'Developers' -> 'API Keys'
Toggle to switch to live keys
Copy publishable and secret keys into your Bid Beacon profile (see below)
Open your profile in Bid Beacon
Scroll down to bottom and paste Publishable Key and Secret Key in corresponding fields
Auction End Guest Experience
When auction ends, guests can view their winnings
Their winnings are conveniently subtotals
Guests can see if their items are marked as paid/picked up
They can find an auction admin to make payment in person, and they mark item as paid
Or they can click 'Pay $ Now' to pay by credit card through the app, and item is automatically marked as paid
Auction End Admin Experience
When auction ends, admins can Manage Pickup
Winnings are conveniently subtotaled by guest
Items can be marked as paid and picked up individually or for all items a user paid for
Paid/Picked up items are moved to a 'Complete' tab to streamline closure