Product Update: September 2020

We’ve continued to add useful features to Bid Beacon to help make your silent auctions and fundraising events successful. Here is a quick overview of what’s new in Bid Beacon for version 5.0.0!


You can now sell tickets for your event through Bid Beacon! Guests can purchase up to 10 tickets through the app. This is particularly useful if a family or group is going to an event that requires admission.

If ticketing is enabled (purchased as an add-on), a ticket can also be set as a requirement requirement to bid (the exception being that donations are allowed without tickets). If a user purchases a ticket elsewhere, admins can manually mark an account as owning tickets

Ticket sales require the online payment add-on to be configured, and payments go directly into your linked account. Payment provider fees apply as always.

Staggered End Times

With staggered end times, you can now optionally set start/end times on auction items that fall within the overall auction start/end times. These custom bidding periods will allow you to shift the focus of your auction to particular items.

The item thumbnail in the item list will show the time remaining for that item. The item page will show that item’s time remaining in the header.

Bidding will open after the start time, and close after the end time. Payment for the item will happen as usual when the auction ends.

Bid Beacon smartphone screen showing how to stagger an item and have it appear in the auction at a set date and time.

Other Updates

SMS Text Message Notifications
  • If a phone number is provided, either at registration or in their profile after the fact, users will receive outbid notifications via SMS text
Information URL on Auction
  • Included in the invite email and available from the ‘Auction Info’ section in the app
  • Use this field to direct people to the web link of your choice (e.g. your website, an information video, etc.)
Ability to Leave or Delete Auctions
  • Leaving an auction removes it from your list of auctions, but doesn’t affect anyone else
  • Deleting an auction removes it for anyone registered in that auction


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-The Bid Beacon Team

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