Bid Beacon Documentation

Last updated: Dec 11, 2017

Create an Account

  • From the Bid Beacon login page, click the New? Sign up link
  • Enter a valid email and a password more than 6 characters long
  • Enter your First and Last names in the fields provided
  • Create a Display Name
  • The Display Name is the name that will be displayed when you bid on auction items
  • Click the Sign Up button to create your account

Create an Auction

  • Click the Create Auction button

Auction Type

  • Select your Auction Type and click Next

Auction Setup

  • Give your Auction a Name
  • This will be used to help people know they have to correct auction
  • Select a Start date for your auction
  • The default is the current date. This can be future dated
  • Select the Start time for your auction
  • This is the time that the users can start bidding on the auction items. Once an item has been added to the auction it is available for preview
  • Select an End Date for your auction
  • The default is seven days from the current date. The maximum length for an auction is seven days
  • Select the End Time for your auction
  • This is the time when bidding on the auction will stop
  • Click the Next button

Verify Auction

  • Verify the auction details on the Verify tab. To change the details click the Back button. When you are satisfied click the Create button

Invite Tab

  • Your auction is now created and the Invite tab is presented
  • Enter Email addresses for the people you want to invite to the auction then click the '+' sign
  • Select the check mark beside each address you want to send an invitation to
  • Click the Invite button. This will send an email automatically with the Auction Code so people can access the auction you just created

You can invite people at any time using the Bid Beacon menu so you can wait until you have items in your auction if you would like.

  • Select the Bid Beacon menu
  • Select the Invite Attendees option
  • Enter the email address for the attendee
  • Click the '+' button
  • Click the Send invitations arrow. When the invitations have been sent a message will be displayed

Create Auction Items

  • On the main Bid Beacon page Select the All Items tab
  • Click add button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open the View Item Screen
  • The Camera button allows you to take a picture of the item or the auction or download it from your device
  • Give the item a Name. This is the name people will see when on the list of available items
  • The Unique Identifier is a number used by your organization to track the item for your records
  • Enter a Description of the item. This can include the name of the person who donated the item, the value of the item, or any information that people may want. This will be displayed when people start bidding on an item
  • Click the Select Category drop down. This will open the Category list
  • To add categories select Add new and click OK, this will open Add Category section of the page.
  • Enter the Bidding information:
  • Reserve $ - the lowest bid that the seller is willing to sell the item for. The seller can decide if they will accept a final bid for less than the reserve price
  • Starting $ - the starting bid for the item
  • Increment $ - the minimum bid increment
  • When all the information has been entered click Done at the top of the page

The Auction Page

  • The Auction page is the same for all users except that only the Administrator has the Add item button
  • The top left corner is the Bid Beacon menu

Time left in the Auction

  • The amount of time left in the auction is displayed in the middle of the top bar of the screen. If there are more than twenty-four hours left in the auction the number of days will be displayed. Under twenty-four hours will display the hours, minutes and seconds

Help Button

  • This opens the Information page for the auction. Including the name, description, start and end times and the Access code and QR Code. This allows all user to invite someone to the auction

Reset button

  • The Reset button refreshes the values on the screen so you can see changes in the bids and bid amounts

Available to all users

  • View Option –Allows the user to view the current auction
  • Edit Profile – Allows the user to modify their profile and log out of Bid Beacon
  • Support Request –Allows the user to send in a support request to ARC Business Solutions.

Available to the Auction Administrator only

  • Edit Auction – Allows the administrator to modify the auction details
  • Invite Attendees – Allows the administrator to invite people to join the auction via email
  • Manage Attendees – Allows the administrator to see who is currently active on the auction and give administration rights to other users
  • Manage Sponsors – Allows the administrator to manage the sponsors of the auction

Overview button

  • The button on far right of the screen opens the overview to help you monitor the auction.

Monitoring Your Auction

The Overview page lists all the items in the auction, the last bidder and the highest bid. The summary6 at the bottom displays the number of items in the auction, how many bids have been made and the total for the auction at this time.

Using the download button in the top right corner allows you to download this information to a .CSV file. This file can be used to manage the auction items. The following information is downloaded from the auction. The Administrator can use the information in a spreadsheet at the end of the auction to award items and collect money.

Unique Identifier Name Winner Email Address Winning Bid
1 Cookbook - Eat at Home John Smith $9.00
2 Oilers vs Nashville 2 tix Dec 14 Geroge Brown $200.00
3 Oilers vs Nashville 2 tix Dec 14 Brian Jones $120.00
5 GoPro Hero3 Brian Jones $170.00
6 Jersey signed-McDavid/ Draisaitl/ Nurse Tyler Handle $325.00

Manage Attendees

After attendees have signed up with Bid Beacon and joined your auction you can manage them. The Dropdown list by each user allows you to:

  • Owner – this is the person who set up the auction. They have all administrative rights
  • Banned – this allows you to remove someone from the auction
  • User – This is an auction attendee
  • Admin – This is someone who can create and edit items in the auction, manage attendees and stay updated on auction items

Manage Sponsors

The Manage Sponsors menu option allows you to enter the name, banner and website for any sponsors of your auction. The sponsor’s logo will change at the bottom of the auction screen. Clicking on the logo will open the website for that sponsor.

  • Click '+' button to open the Edit sponsor page to add or update sponsors
  • Click '+' button to open the Edit sponsor page to add or update sponsors
  • Enter the sponsor name
  • Enter the sponsor Website
  • Click the Check mark button to save the sponsor information
  • Click the Arrow button to return to the Manage Sponsors page

Closing The Auction

When your auction closes it will be available in the menu under Past Auctions. Select the auction that just closed. The All Items tab will be displayed.

When you click on an item you will see that the auction has ended. When you click the Edit button you can check off when the item has been paid for and picked up.