The Most Flexible Pricing Options

We realized that every auction is unique and that our current bundles don’t always meet your needs. To address this, we’re revamping our pricing model! 

Featuring All New Auction Plans

We want to give our customers the power of choice and our two new auction plans do just that! When creating an auction, you’ll have the following plans to choose from:

Ultimate Risk-Free

Ready to take your fundraising event to even greater heights? The possibilities are endless when running an Ultimate Risk-Free auction because you gain access to everything Bid Beacon has to offer, with no limits or restrictions!

The best part? There’s no upfront cost! You don’t pay out of pocket; we simply take a small percent off your auction’s total amount raised. For more information on Bid Beacon’s fee, visit our Pricing page.

When using the Ultimate Risk-Free plan, you can take advantage of the all-new Express Banking Setup, Powered by Stripe. This online payment method automatically charges guests when they win, and your organization will receive the payouts directly to your bank account! 

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits and inclusions of the Ultimate Risk-Free plan:


  • No upfront cost 
  • Automated payment collection 
  • All the bells and whistles 

What’s Included: 

  • Unlimited Guests 
  • Unlimited Items 
  • Unlimited Images 
  • Unlimited Administrator Roles 
  • Express banking setup 
  • Longer duration (up to 365 days) 
  • Custom branding 
  • Sponsor recognition 
  • Ticketed access to bid 
  • Promote items with video embedding

Build Your Auction

For the admins who want to build their auction from the ground up, we’re giving you the flexibility to create a plan that works for you. With Build Your Auction plans, we charge you an upfront, flat-rate fee based on the features and inclusions you want to use. 

Every Free and Build Your Auction plan starts with the following: 

  • 5 Items & Images 
  • 10 Guests 
  • 1 Administrator Role 

You then decide: 

  • Number of Guests 
  • Number of Items 
  • Number of Images 
  • Number of Admins 
  • How to collect payment 
  • How long to run your auction 
  • Whether to custom brand your auction 
  • Recognize event sponsors 
  • Sell tickets to give bidding access 
  • Get support by video chat 
  • Promote items with video 

As always, you can still try Bid Beacon out for free, and then upgrade your auction anytime before you go live.

*Be aware that if you purchase and apply any add-ons to a Free or Build Your Auction plan, that auction cannot be switched over to an Ultimate Risk-Free auction.

Questions About Our Previous Bundles

Since we are discontinuing our Starter, Popular and Ultimate Bundles, we want to clarify what that means for clients who have these plans in their inventory. 

Going forward, these legacy plans can be applied to any Free or Build Your Auction plan. Also, there is no expiry date, so you can use them as you need them. 

The flexibility of our auction plans will make it easier for both new and existing auction admins to get started, and host meaningful fundraisers. Are you ready to host exponentially more successful Risk-Free auctions than ever before?

Depending on your auction, online payments can be handled through  the following PCI compliant payment providers: Stripe, Square, or PayPal. Bid Beacon does not handle payments, nor do we store banking or credit card information. 

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