Bid Beacon Creating An Auction

In this short video, we’ll be reviewing how to create an auction.

Auction Type

  • Select your Auction Type and click Next

Auction Setup

  • Give your Auction a Name
  • This will be used to help people know they have to correct auction
  • Select a Start date for your auction
  • The default is the current date. This can be future dated
  • Select the Start time for your auction
  • This is the time that the users can start bidding on the auction items. Once an item has been added to the auction it is available for preview
  • Select an End Date for your auction
  • The default is seven days from the current date. The maximum length for an auction is seven days
  • Select the End Time for your auction
  • This is the time when bidding on the auction will stop
  • Click the Next button

Verify Auction

  • Verify the auction details on the Verify tab. To change the details click the Back button. When you are satisfied click the Create button

Invite Tab

  • Your auction is now created and the Invite tab is presented
  • Enter Email addresses for the people you want to invite to the auction then click the ‘+’ sign
  • Select the check mark beside each address you want to send an invitation to
  • Click the Invite button. This will send an email automatically with the Auction Code so people can access the auction you just created

You can invite people at any time using the Bid Beacon menu so you can wait until you have items in your auction if you would like.

  • Select the Bid Beacon menu
  • Select the Invite Attendees option
  • Enter the email address for the attendee
  • Click the ‘+’ button
  • Click the Send invitations arrow. When the invitations have been sent a message will be displayed

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