Creating Your Auction

Follow the steps below to set up your silent auction:

Sign In or Register

  • Open the Bid Beacon app
  • If you’re a new user, click Create Account and fill out the required fields
  • If you’re a returning user, enter your login credentials and click Sign In
  • From the My Dashboard screen, click Create Auction

Step 1 - Let's Get Started!

  • Create an Auction Name that consists of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Set your Start/End Date and Start/End Time
  • Click Continue

Step 2 - Organization Details

First-time Admins

  • Enter your Organization Name
  • Enter the Organizers Name
  • Enter the Organizers Email
  • From the dropdown, enter your Country
  • From the dropdown, enter your Province/State
  • Click Create Auction

Returning Admins

  • Organization Details from a previous auction can be imported to your new auction. If you have one or more Organization Details listed, click on one to import.
  • If you want to create a new organization profile, click New Organization

Step 3 - Purchase Your Auction Package

  • Input an estimated Number of ItemsNumber of Guests, and check off the applicable boxes to find out which Auction Package is right for you
  • Add Auction Packages and Upgrades to your shopping cart by clicking on Add To Cart
  • Once you’re happy with your Auction Package, click Continue

Step 4 - Review

  • Confirm your basic Auction Details
  • To edit any of the information provided in this setup wizard, click Edit Details
  • Once everything is confirmed, click Go To Dashboard
Congratulations! Your auction has now been successfully created!