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Struggling to find attractive high value auction items to add to your auction?

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Look through vouchers available in your country and city. If you know of local companies that have helped you in the past, let us know with the form below!

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You only pay for the voucher after the item in your auction has closed and been paid for by guests.

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Our auctions at work

Charity Silent Auction

Breast Friends in an Edmonton-based charity that fundraises throughout the year to allow breast cancer survivors to live their lives to the fullest. This year, they tried an online silent auction for the first time.

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Art Gallery Auction

We are always looking for ways to expand it and one of our biggest expansions was Bid Beacon and introducing that virtual bidding platform for us.

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Racine Christian School

Enabling A School To Move Their Fundraising Events Online The Challenge “Technologically challenged” staff at Racine Christian School (RCS) needed an easy, user friendly mobile

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