3 Tips for Reaching Out to Bidders After Your Silent Auction

Keep guests engaged with your cause by following up with them after your event

Your silent auction fundraiser is now over. You’ve hosted a successful event that has helped your organization move toward your overall goals. But now that the big day has come to an end, how are you going to follow up with your supporters? And what can you do to maintain their interest in your cause? 

Of course, you’ve already won half the battle. You held an event that inspired and motivated your guests to support your organization in the form of silent auction bids. That’s no easy task! 

However, if you want to create long-lasting relationships with those who attended your event, your post-event follow up has to be equally as effective as your pre-event planning. 

To help silent auction organizers prolong the positive impacts of their fundraising events, we’ve compiled our top tips for reaching out to bidders and maintaining long-term relationships with them. 

Are you ready to dive in? 

Here Are Three Tips For Reaching Out To Bidders After Your Silent Auction:

1. Send A Thank You Email

This may seem straightforward, but a well-written and guest-focused thank you letter can make your bidders feel appreciated, increasing the likelihood that they will fondly remember their experience at your event.  

However, you may not know that Bid Beacon has all guests’ email addresses  stored within its app, ready for export. This makes it easier than ever before to follow up with anyone who attends your fundraisers. 

When crafting your thank you email, be sure to highlight the difference the support from your guests has made.  

Some tips for showing your guests the impact of their contribution include: 

  • If you are a charitable organization, Include a personal story from someone who has benefitted from the work you do 
  • Show supporters what the funds raised will be put towards  
  • Include a photo of all your volunteers to show their appreciation for the support shown at your auction 

The more you show your gratitude for the support shown at your silent auctions, the more likely guests are to participate again in the future.

2. Remind Your Guests About Upcoming Opportunities To Get Involved

Let’s face it – people are busy, and they often forget about upcoming events or opportunities to get involved in charitable causes. Unless, of course, they receive timely reminders. 

When developing Bid Beacon, we knew that making the registration process quick and simple would have a huge impact on the number of people who participate in fundraisers and silent auctions. So, we decided to make it possible for potential guests to register for upcoming charitable events directly through the Bid Beacon app. 

All you have to do is send an email to your guest list via the app, and recipients will be prompted to register for your upcoming fundraiser by signing into their Bid Beacon account. Advance invites can also be sent directly through email and not the app.

3. Keep Supporters Updated About The Flexibility of Mobile Bidding

One of the greatest benefits of using a bidding app for your auctions is the fact that there doesn’t have to be a physical location in order for your guests to bid on items that interest them. 

Whether an attendee is simply running late, or is away on business during the time of your event, bidding is still possible thanks to the convenience and accessibility of our mobile app. As long as the person has created their account, they can log in from anywhere and continue to place their bids. 

Additionally, your supporters can follow specific items they are interested in, browse which items have the highest bids, and are alerted when they’ve been outbid.. 

It’s always a good idea to keep your guests informed about the convenience of mobile bidding, so they are more inclined to participate in your fundraising efforts, whether it’s from near or far. After all, that’s the appeal of implementing a mobile solution for your fundraiser! 

By following these three follow-up strategies, your business or charitable organization can lengthen the amount of time your supporters are exposed to your messaging, strengthening guest loyalty.  

Whether you are a new non-profit organization, a charity with deep roots in your community, or even a business, there’s always a need to continue building relationships with your audience. 

A mobile app is an excellent way to make relationship building easier and more effective.

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