Silent Auctions

Welcome to the age of online fundraising

Step 1

Register and login

Log in with an existing account or create a new Bid Beacon account to begin setting up your very own online auction!

Step 2

Create your auction

Creating your own online auction couldn’t be easier as our auction setup wizard will help you get started.

Step 3

Set up your auction

Build out your auction’s sponsors, set up guest instructions, customize your auction branding, set up your payment processing, and more.

Step 4

Manage your auction items

You can’t host a silent auction without any items! This is where you will add the items that guests can bid on, make a donation to, or purchase. Need help finding the perfect auction items? We can help!

Step 5

Share your auction

In addition to directly inviting your supporters and network to join the auction, be sure to promote your auction on social media, to your email list, or on promotional print materials. 

Premium features

Included with the Ultimate Risk-Free auction, or as optional add-ons for Build Your Auction plans

Change the auction color theme, add a banner image, customize the link/access code, and add your logo to the header

Adding a video link to each item in addition to images allows you to create engaging promotions for your items

Recognize your sponsors throughout the auction with their logo, a description, and the link to their website. Optionally, you can add sponsor tiers. 

Don’t tackle the auction set up process alone! Add additional admins to help set up and manage your auction.

Make paid tickets a requirement for guests prior to being able to bid

Collect payment online through Express Banking, Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

Full list of capabilities

Available on any auction, any time!

Copy over your organization’s details, past items, past payment setup, and even past guests

Based on your location, your auction can collect payment in one of the supported currencies: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD.

We’re here to help at [email protected]

Invoices and receipts are automatically created for you

Take all the time you need to set up your auction!

Finding the perfect items to include in your auction has never been easier. Browse through our shop, pick the item(s) you want to add to your auction, if any of the items sell, you pay the wholesale price and then keep the profit! Learn more

Set a goal and watch your funds grow as users bid. This updates live and can be viewed by all auction guests

If you need to collect additional fees, our system can do it. Adding a surcharge is a great way to recoup fees and run your auction at no cost

Create donation items to encourage more donations

If you have items that you want to sell at a fixed price, use us as a marketplace

For those items you auction off with an emcee or auctioneer during a live event

Perfect if you set a fundraising goal. This calculates the approximate value of all your items so that you can set an accurate and realistic goal for your fundraiser.

Have some items end earlier than others. Items that end before the auction closes can be paid for right away 

Keep the bidding going when items are bid on in the last 30 seconds 

Or “Bid as Guest” in case someone doesn’t want to do it themselves

Guests set their max and the system bids for them

Includes details on the item and a QR code linking to the item’s page, perfect for in-person events

Fully integrate your auction with Raffle Rocket. Auction guests can purchase raffle tickets from the auction, and vice versa. The auction will be accessible from your raffle’s web page.

Looking for auction item ideas to help attract more bids? We can help!