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Raffle Rocket is LIVE!

Take your fundraising events to greater heights with our online Raffle System.

Admin FAQ

You can now buy at any time and save your purchases for the future.

This means, you will need to “apply” your purchase after buying the bundle.

On an existing auction:
Go to Manage Auction
On the upgrades screen toggle Apply Upgrades.
Select the item and quantity you want to apply and then click apply to auction.

On a new auction: 
Start by clicking Create Auction
Proceed as usual and on step 3 it will ask if you want to apply any of your existing purchases.  Choose which you need this time, and apply to auction, then proceed.

You can copy over the payment keys, guest list, organization details, and items from a previous auction.  

It’s your choice!  You can collect payment through the app using one of three payment providers, or collect offline with cash, cheque or any other payment provider. Rest assured Bid Beacon does not take a percentage of your  funds raised if using online providers.

Online Payment Collection: Set up your payment integrations in the app for Stripe, Square or PayPal; when the auction ends,  guests have the option to complete the payment from their “View Results” page available at the end of the auction. Funds are deposited directly into your Stripe, Square or PayPal account, and we do not take a percentage of funds raised.

Offline Payments:  Admins need to input their Guests can pay you directly the traditional way with cash, check, or credit card if you have a physical payment processor such as a interac machine. Admins can mark them as paid in the app, but this will not collect payment from the user in our system.

No! Our pricing is a transparent flat rate. Doesn’t matter if you raise $1000 or $100,000.

If you use the Online Payment add-on, the supported payment providers (Stripe, Square or PayPal) do charge their credit card processing fees.

Their fees are typically 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Registered charities may be able to apply for a reduced rate.

Yes! First, invite them to log in to Bid Beacon and join the auction.   
Once they have joined you can update their status from Guest to Admin or Owner. More details are available here.  

We currently support credit card payment using Stripe, Square and PayPal. You configure your chosen platform in Bid Beacon, providing details that allows us to direct guest payments straight into your account. No credit card information goes over our servers. For details see our Payment Guide

The easiest system to work with is Stripe.

Each item has a direct link so you can easily share any item to feature on the big screen.

Any one who can follow a link or enter your access code can join your auction and bid on items. How you collect payment and get them their winnings is up to you.

Online payment with a pickup location is recommended in this scenario.

People can find your auction if the link is made public on your social media, website, shared by someone. If you end up with unwanted guests bidding you have the option to ban these users and delete their bids.

Absolutely. You can start promoting your auction and have people join even while you are adding auction items, and their app will refresh with the new items in real time.

You also have the option to hide items until auction opens if you prefer. It’s your choice.

There is currently no way to re-open auctions once they are closed.

If your auction is live, you can edit the end date/time in Manage Auction, or purchase the Extended Duration add-on if you want it to run for longer than 30 days.

You can invite guests by sharing the info link directly, adding the custom QR code to your print collateral, by importing guests from your last auction with Bid Beacon or by uploading an email list. Learn more on inviting guests here.  

Guests can join your auction from your auction details screen, or by looking at an item they would like to bid on.

Sharing the Guest Quick Start Guide isn’t a bad idea either.

You certainly can, and we offer discounts if you choose to do so!  

Our packages stack on top of each, meaning adding a popular and ultimate bundle would add together items, guests, images of both totaled up. 

More Add Ons can be added at any time, scaling your auction as needed and are instantly available.

Bid Beacon has three pre-bundled packages available, or you can use add ons to create a unique package for yourself.  

To learn more, view our Pricing Page.

Under Organization Details, admins can enter their website URL and social links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All auction items can be shared online as well. 

Be sure to follow Bid Beacon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and tag us in your posts. We love to engage with our customers!

Your auction can be previewed before guests log in, but they will only find the auction if you have provided the link publicly in some way (website, social media).

Yes, you can add items at any time as long as your auction hasn’t ended.

Yes. When adding auction items, you can select the item type.

Buy Now lets you specify a price and quantity available for an item – such as tickets or green fee’s.

Donation items can be created and are a straight donation to your organization. 

Live Items are purely for display because you will auction them off live in person. Bidding and payment does not occur through the app.

Auction items can have staggered start and end times. Payment for an item that ends earlier than the auction will not be available until the auction has closed.

This is Coming Soon but not supported at this time.

Bid Beacon will integrate Raffle Rocket raffles in the coming months, allowing you to sell raffle tickets and host your auction in one system.

If more users join than are included in your auction, they are added in a waitlist which you can view on your manage guests screen in the admin dashboard. They can view auction items but can’t bid until more space has been created in your auction.

Our system will send admins an email to notify them that the limit has been reached and recommend purchasing the add on to admit more guests. 

Admins have the option of changing some current but inactive members to banned to free up space.

USD, CAD, UK Pounds, Euros, Australian dollar (AUD), New Zealand dollar (NZD) and Mexican peso (MXN).

All bundles support up to 30 days live, but with the Extended Duration add-on, you can run an auction for up to 365 days! 

Absolutely!  Reach out at support@bidbeacon.com and let us know what your auction needs are for the year, we’ll come up with a plan that works for you!

There is no limit, we can support you even if you need unlimited auctions for a year.  We will customize your package pricing to meet your need.  To learn more, email support@bidbeacon.com 

Number of admins depends on the package you chose and more can be added by purchasing the Additional Administrator add-on.

We Have Discounts For Frequent Users

Guest FAQ

If you have been invited to an auction, you can join by creating a Bid Beacon account or logging in to an existing account.
You can also preview items without logging in if you aren’t sure you’ll want to bid yet.
For more details view our Guest Quickstart Guide

Find the item you are interested in, and click on it to view more details. 
There are 3 ways to bid:
   Quick Bid: this will bid the minimum amount based on the item’s increment 
   Custom Bid: You can adjust the bid with [+] and [-] buttons, or tap on price to enter new amount before clicking Bid.
   Max Bid: Allows you to set your maximum on an item, and then have the system bid for you, until your maximum is reached. If you’re the top bidder, the system will wait until you are outbid before placing a new bid.

There are a variety of ways you will be notified:
   Popup:  If you have the app open when you’re outbid, a popup will appear

   Email: An email will be sent notifying you if you are outbid, won an item, or if the auction has ended

   Push Notification: If using Bid Beacon app on a mobile device, a push notification will be sent

   Text Message: If an accurate cell phone number has been provided, you will be sent a text

On the top of the auction item’s screen, click the chat bubble to send a question to auction admins regarding that item.

In the header, click the chat bubble to send a non-item specific message to admins.

In the header menu, beside your profile, click the heart icon. 
This will include items you’ve bid on, or that you favorited by clicking the heart icon on the item itself.

When the auction ends, you will be sent an email containing a list of your winnings.
A view results button will appear in the auction after the auction ends. Click to see a list of your winnings and pay for the items.

When the auction ends, you will be sent an email containing a list of your winnings.
A view results button will appear after the auction ends. Click to see a list of your winnings and pay for the items.

When the auction ends, there is a “View Results” button available. Clicking view results, this will bring you to the screen where your winnings are listed with your total owed. At the bottom you can make payment by credit card if the admins have chosen to use online payment integrations.

If they haven’t used online payment integrations, you will see written instructions from the admin on how to provide payment.

Bid Beacon works on any web browser, no need to download the app.

iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Your firewall is likely blocking access to our server, so please whitelist our website (app.bidbeacon.com) for your firewall. 

If you still experience login issues, please contact us.

Use the chat function in the app to let the auction admin know that you didn’t mean to place that bid. They’ll need to know which item and bid specifically. If it’s the most recent bid, they can delete it.

Max Bid allows you to set your max price for an item, and the system will bid for you if you’re outbid, until you’ve hit your max price.


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