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Admin FAQ

Online Payment Collection: If you are using the online payment integrations in the app for Stripe, Square or PayPal;  guests have the option to complete the payment from their “View Results” page available at the end of the auction. Funds are deposited directly into your Stripe, Square or PayPal account, and we do not take a percentage of funds raised.

Offline Payments: Guests can pay you directly the traditional way with cash, check, or credit card if you have a physical payment processor such as a interac machine. Admins can mark them as paid in the app, but this will not collect payment from the user in our system.

No! Our pricing is flat rate. Doesn’t matter if you raise $1000 or $100,000. If you use the Credit Card Payment add-on, the payment provider (Stripe, Square or PayPal) does charge their credit card processing fees, but we don’t charge anything beyond the flat fee.

Their fees are typically 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Registered charities may be able to apply for a reduced rate.

The best way to bid on behalf of a guest is to click on “Guest Mode”, find the guest, or add them in if they aren’t already a user, and you can bid on their behalf. When done, you can exit guest mode to return to your admin role.

Running the app in parallel with paper bid sheets is probably a bad idea, as someone would need to keep the bids in sync for each item. 

Yes, from the side menu select Manage Attendees, find the guests you want to assign as admins, and update their access level. These people can then add and edit items, manage bids, respond to queries and help manage who has paid and picked up their winnings.

We currently support credit card payment using Stripe, Square and PayPal. You configure your chosen platform in Bid Beacon, providing details that allows us to direct guest payments straight into your account. No credit card information goes over our servers. For details see our Payment Guide.

With Stripe – you have the option to require people input their payment information prior to bidding. This is not available with PayPal or Square.

The easiest system to work with is Stripe. We get feedback of confusion or issues with PayPal the most, so we recommend using Stripe.

We have an activity page that you can load, just replace the last 6 characters of this link with your invite code. This page is refreshed in real time.

Any one with the invite link can join your auction and bid on items, so yes, people could join your auction from home and participate in the bidding process. How you collect payment and get them their winnings is up to you.

People can’t find your auction without the invite code, but if the code is made public on your social media or website, or shared by someone you could end up with unwanted guests. You do have the option to ban these users and delete their bids.

Absolutely. You can start promoting your auction and have people join even while you are adding auction items, and their app will refresh with the new items in real time.

You can also share the Activity Link to give people a preview of your auction before they log in to Bid Beacon.

There is currently no way to re-open auctions once they are closed.

If you auction is live, you can change the end date/time.

You can invite guests through the app once you’ve created your auction, which automatically invites the user to join your auction. You can also promote your auction with the invite code, or use this handy page we’ve made for you, replacing the invite code with your own:

They can follow the instructions on the invite page mentioned above, or just download the app and enter your invite code into the text field for joining on the home page in the app.

Sharing the Guest Quick Start Guide isn’t a bad idea either.

You certainly can, and we offer discounts if you choose to do so!  

Our packages stack on top of each, meaning adding a large and gala bundle would give all items and guests from both totaled up. 

Add Ons can be added at any time, scaling your auction as needed and are instantly available.

Our pricing is completely transparent and listed on our pricing page, as well as on the add-ons page within the app Pricing Page.

There is currently no direct integration with social media, but you can certainly use the invite page or activity link to promote your auction.

Your auction is not discoverable by the general public, users need the 6 character invite code to be able to join your auction.

You can provide a preview for your guests by using the Activity Link.

Yes, you can add auctions at any time as long as your auction hasn’t ended.

Yes. When adding auction items, you can select the item type.

Buy Now lets you specify a price and quantity.

Donation items can be created and are a straight donation to your organization. 

Live Items are purely for display, you will auction them off live in person, bidding does not occur through the app.

Auction Items can have staggered start and end times.

This is Coming Soon but not supported at this time.

Many auction hosts will sell raffle tickets as a buy now item and conduct raffles offline.

If someone registers that exceeds your user limit, they are added in a ‘pending’ state, where they can still view auction items, they just can’t bid. Our system will send admins an email to notify them that the limit has been reached and encourage you to purchase the add on to admit more guests. 

You also have the option of changing some active members to pending to free up space, and switch the pending users to active. 

USD, CAD, UK Pounds, Euros, Australian dollar (AUD), New Zealand dollar (NZD) and Mexican peso (MXN).

Most bundles support up to 30 days live, but with the Gala Auction or the Extended Auctions Add On, you can run auctions for  up to 365 days! 

Absolutely. We offer various discounts depending on the number of bundles purchased. Visit our Event Planners page to access these discounts.

There is no limit, we have set pricing for up to 12 auctions and enterprise pricing is available if you need more than this. To learn more, email 

You can assign as many admins as you’d like.

Only Access Level “Owner” can add or edit Payment Keys in your account.

We have guest mode available for users who do not want to bid for themselves. If someone wants to place a bid but doesn’t want to use their own device, admins can click “guest mode” and use that to act on behalf of that user, place a bid, or if they win, complete the payment with the user.


Currently you can copy over the Payment Keys and Guest list from a previous Auction.  
All other details will be required to build again.

We Have Discounts For Frequent Users

Guest FAQ

Your auction host should have a six character invite code like CN24LB. After you’ve registered an account with Bid Beacon, click on the Join Auction button, enter that code, and you should be taken to the auction.

Find the item you are interested in, and at the bottom of the screen there will be a ‘Bid’ button. The bid amount is automatically incremented the minimum amount, or you can adjust the bid with + and – buttons, or tap on price to enter new amount, before clicking Bid.

While in the app (on device or browser), you will get a popup to let you know. You can click ‘Open’ to view the item and place another bid. If outside of the app (device only), you will get a push notification to let you know, assuming you opted in to push notifications.

At the top right of the auction item page there is a speech bubble icon. Click that to submit a question to the auction administrators.

On the main auction item list page, click ‘Followed Items’. This list will include items you’ve bid on, or that you favorited by clicking the heart icon.

When the auction ends, you will be sent an email containing a list of your winnings. In the app on the Browse Items screen there will be a ‘View Results’ button that you can click to see a list of your winnings.

When the auction ends, go back to the main screen called Browse Items. There is a “view Results” button available if the auction has ended. Clicking that will bring you to the screen where your winnings are listed and your total owing. At the bottom you can make payment if the admins have chosen to use our payment integrations. If they haven’t used online payment integrations, you will see written instructions from the admin on how to provide payment.

The auction administrators can use the guest mode to place bids on your behalf.

iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

Users have reported this issue before. Your firewall is likely blocking access to our server, so please whitelist our website for your firewall. Your IT department may have to get involved to do so. If you’re still experiencing login issues, please contact us.

Use the message function in the app to let the auction admin know, they’ll need to know which item and bid. If it’s the most recent bid, they can delete it.

Auto Bid allows you to set your max price for an item, and the system will bid for you as soon as you’re outbid until you’ve hit your max price.

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