Popular Silent Auction Item Ideas for School Fundraisers

September is right around the corner. That means students across the country will be off to school and fundraising season will be underway. Silent auctions are a great way to raise money for your school or non-profit group but sometimes collecting unique items can be difficult. You need creative, memorable items that will not only generate excitement with your guests but help you raise lots of money and meet your fundraising goal.

Need ideas for unique auction items for your next school fundraiser? We’ve got them! Collecting education and classroom related-prizes from donors make for the perfect school fundraiser silent auction items. But there are dozens of items that are perfect for silent auctions. The most important thing to keep in mind is your guests, and what matters most to them! Here is a list of popular silent auction item ideas for your next school fundraiser. 

Class Party

Everyone loves a party. Especially a classroom full of kids. Party ideas could include pizza gift certificates, board games, and prizes. Putting together a basket with munchies, party supplies and games would also make for a unique silent auction item idea. Some event planners have even recommended passes to a local pool or renting out an event hall. What will make this item appealing will be in the way you package it to your guests. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Free Parking Spot

Anyone that has to drop off their kids at school in morning traffic knows how difficult finding parking can be. With teachers, parents and students vying for the same spot, it can be frustrating. Auctioning off a free, year-long parking spot in front of the school would create major excitement among parents and generate a lot of revenue for your cause.

Sporting Items / Memorabilia

Sports and sporting events go hand-in-hand with schools, clubs and non-profit organizations. Things like sporting tickets, signed memorabilia, golf passes, ski or snowboarding passes, yoga memberships, jerseys, gear, etc. are always a huge hit at any school fundraiser, especially when the local team is involved.


Just like sports, music plays a huge role in the lives of many students. Concert tickets are always a big draw, but thinking outside the box can help you bring in even more money for your cause. Things like free music lessons, gift certificates, records, iTunes gift cards, famous albums, and backstage passes are creative items that will get your guests excited and bidding.

School Supplies

Long gone are the days of pencils and hole-punched paper. These days, school supplies come with a heavy bill. Things like smartphones, laptops, and tablets are routinely required for most students. Even headphones and music equipment are important and can cost a pretty penny. Putting together a fundraiser basket of expensive school equipment or tech can be a huge grab for guests, and also keeps with the theme of your silent auction.

Experience Based Items

While many silent auction items on our list are material things, experience-based items almost always generate more excitement from guests. By giving people a chance at a memorable experience, you not only lead them on a journey, but they also begin to associate your fundraiser with that experience. The fun memories they make along the way will always come back to the opportunity they had to earn those memories at your silent auction.

Family Outings

Family-friendly auction items are always a huge draw at any school fundraiser. Everyone is always looking for unique ways to spend time with their family. Creating fun experiences for families to unwind and make new memories together will almost always ensure you earn some high bids from your guests. Tickets to theme parks or public pools, photoshoots with a professional photographer, movie passes, birthday visits from a local entertainer, group paintball passes, and free childcare are all great ideas for families.

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