Product Release: Version 6.4

What’s New?

With this latest release, we’ve made the guest bidding experience smoother than ever before! With enhanced shareable links, improved in-app navigation, and the ability to scan items quickly, guests are going to love how easy it is to start bidding in their next auction!

In-App QR Code Scanner

Scan an item’s QR code quickly and easily directly within the app! Often, auction administrators take advantage of printable item sheets, which displays a QR code that links directly to that item. Now when you are navigating the item’s table at your next auction, you can scan to bid on an item quickly. There’s no need to leave the app to find your phone’s QR code scanner, it can all happen within Bid Beacon!

Enhanced Reporting

We’ve enhanced the Current Results report to include critical information such as the items’ starting bid, whether there is a reserve amount, and what the bid increment is – this makes the auction administrator’s job easier.

Improved Guest Navigation

We’ve made it easier to scroll through dozens of auction items by allowing guests to quickly scroll back to the top of the item’s page.

Shareable Auction and Item Details Page

Share a link to your auction or to a specific item within your auction on social media! Shareable links will now display a preview of what it is you’re sharing, making it enticing for potential bidders!

Improvements to Max Bidding

Guests love the ability to set a max bid on an item to increase their chances of winning, but often times, we forget what we set the max bid to – oops! Now when you set a max bid on an item, you (and only you!) will see a message box displaying what your current max bid is set to.

All of these amazing features are available to current and future auctions, regardless if you’re using the Ultimate Risk-Free or Build Your Own auction type.

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