Why You Should Use a Silent Auction App

Creating a silent auction fundraiser used to take organizations months to achieve. Between collecting auction items from donors to organizing the event, many people found the entire process stressful and daunting. Guests sometimes voice complaints, too. Between line-ups around popular auction items to crowded rooms, many people find the traditional silent auction process cumbersome. That’s why more people are choosing to bring their silent auctions online!

Auction Apps Keep Your Guests Organized

With so many items to choose between and people to socialize with, guests often forget or lose track of their bids. They might even stop participating altogether. Bid Beacon notifies guests right away when another person has placed a higher bid! That way, guests can keep track of their bids and feel confident bidding on more items. It also lets guests enjoy the moment without having to elbow their way to the front or fight off crowds. Bid Beacon’s notifications system even allows people to bid from home if they want! 

Auction Apps are Easier

Mobile bidding makes things simpler for everyone involved, including planners, donors, and attendees. At a traditional silent auction, long line-ups can form behind popular items. Using an online auction app, guests can bid on items directly from their smartphones. This frees up from more time for socializing with other guests!

Bid Beacon is a free online silence auction app designed to make organizing your fundraiser a breeze. Guests simply download the app before the auction is set to begin. All your items are displayed on our easy-to-use interface. Then, they can immediately start bidding on their favourite items. Guests can even message one another within the app!

Online Auction Software Minimizes Mistakes

At a traditional silent auction, volunteers had to print bid sheets, write down the descriptions of each item and organize everything in a spreadsheet. This was often time-consuming and let to data-entry errors or incorrectly priced items. 

Bid Beacon minimizes human error by recording every detail for you. Bid Beacon also tracks your silent auction in real-time. That way, you can monitor which items are generating the most excitement, follow bidding wars and use data to help you achieve better results with each auction. Finally, Bid Beacon gives you more time to energize your guests and donors because you don’t have to manually enter everything yourself.

Auction Apps Raise More Money for Your Cause

It’s just a fact. Mobile silent auctions are easier and more convenient for guests and donors. Using an auction app makes bidding on items easier, which results in more bids. It also makes it easier for you to promote your sponsors to your guests, all within the app. In fact, Bid Beacon users report an average increase of 25% in total revenue generated by their online fundraiser!

Auction Apps Simplify the Process

When a traditional silent auction ends, you have to go through the grueling process of announcing each item and winner, checking guests in-and-out, and taking payments. An online silent auction app saves you the hassle! 

Bid Beacon let guests complete the process directly from their smartphone. Instead of making an announcement, Bid Beacon lets your guests know as soon as the auction has closed. It also automatically notifies winners. No need to keep a cash float or track receipts. Bid Beacon lets guests pay for their newly acquired items directly through the app.  Now your guests have more time to enjoy themselves and you need fewer volunteers to run a successful charity fundraiser.

Silent Auctions Work Better Online

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money for a cause. Non-for-profit organizations, event planners, sports teams and corporate entities all use silent auctions as a way to fundraise money for their charities. By taking your auction online, you save time, raise more money and improve the experience for your guests. 

Bid Beacon has helped thousands of organizations create silent auctions within minutes. Want to know if Bid Beacon is right for you? Get started with the free trial today or view our online resources about silent auctions, unique silent auction ideas, and more!

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