The 10 Top-Selling Silent Auction Item Ideas

Must-have items are the best way to make your silent auction a success, and Bid Beacon is here to help—with a list of the 10 top-selling items for silent auctions. Explore our suggestions and be sure to include some (or all) of them in your next event!

Bid Beacon makes setting up your silent auction easy, but choosing the right items can be a challenge—unless you know where to look, that is. To help you get started, we’ve put together this useful list of best selling items for silent auctions.

While having a few unique or themed items in your auction is a great way to help the event stand out, tried and true items provide universal appeal and make sure there’s something for everyone. Including some (or all!) of these items in your next silent auction is a surefire way to get your guests excited about bidding. Find inspiration for your upcoming event below!

Note: all prices displayed below are in US dollars (USD). Prices displayed are accurate as of the time of this writing, but may fluctuate depending on the individual sellers.

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Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Nearly everyone watches TV, and the latest version of the Fire TV stick makes it even easier to stream your favorite programs in HD. Best of all, it offers Alexa Voice Remote—so you can search for shows and launch them without ever needing to press a single button!
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Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Some of the best wireless headphones on the market today, these feature advanced noise-canceling technology and hands-free calling with 4 beam-forming microphones to offer unprecedented sound quality. They also provide up to 30 hours of battery life, plus quick-charging that delivers three hours of use for every three minutes of charging.
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Lazarus Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set

These wedges have micro milled faces that enhance spin, consistency, and control, and are designed for use at any skill level. Each set contains three wedges, at 52°, 56°, and 60° lofts respectively. With clubs like these, the winning bidder might even look forward to getting stuck in the sand trap on their next trip to the links!
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Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Rangefinder

With a Slope mode that can be switched on or off to make this accessory legal for tournament play, this premium rangefinder is a must-have for golf enthusiasts at every skill and experience level. Attaching it to a cart bar is easy, and the pinseeker’s Visual JOLT feature lets you know exactly when you’ve hit the pin.
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2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set

Factory sealed and retail edition. This complete set of Topps baseball cards contains all Series One and Series Two cards from 2022, plus 5 rookie variation inserts—and one in every three sets also contains a complete set parallel. Build up the possibilities for your event’s attendees to spark excitement and inspire bidding.
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2022 Panini Score Football Trading Card Blaster Box

A smaller set than the one above—but no less exciting for the possibilities it contains—this 132-card blaster box offers the chance to acquire Kenny Pickett and Bailey Zappe rookie cards potentially worth hundreds of dollars—a bulletproof silent auction item idea if you have any football fans at your event.
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Daniel Wellington Iconic Link Ceramic Watch

Designed in Sweden, Daniel Wellington watches are known for their minimalist aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship, making them worthwhile additions to any watch enthusiast’s collection. Made from ceramic with double-plated 316L stainless steel for the case-back and clasp, this watch is durable and water resistant up to 3 ATM.
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Daniel Wellington Quadro Studio Sterling Watch

As popular with women as they are with men, Daniel Wellington Quadro series watches are lighter and smaller, but no less impressive or versatile. The watch face is simple but elegant square shape and rounded edges make it easy to pair with a practically endless variety of outfits and accessories.
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Mixology Home Bartender Kit

Gift baskets and collections are excellent silent auction items, because adding an extra item or two is an easy way to raise the value and encourage more bids. Pairing a high-quality bottle of gin or vodka with this cocktail set turns it from a starter kit into a one-stop cocktail station—and you can easily use it to make virgin cocktails (mocktails) as well!
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Zwiesel Glas Tritan Crystal Pure Stemware Collection

With an unmistakable shape and made from Zwiesel Glas’s patented crystal glass material, this set of six wine glasses is the perfect addition to any wine-lover’s kitchen—and they’re completely dishwasher safe as well! This is a silent auction item worth raising a glass to.

Take the Next Step in Planning Your Silent Auction

Now that you’ve found top-selling items, it’s time to take the next steps towards launching the perfect silent auction. Using Bid Beacon to plan and execute your event gives you powerful tools for setting rules on bids, managing items, and moderating the event when it goes live. 

To learn more about any part of the process, join an upcoming Bid Beacon 101 session and let one of our experienced members answer all your silent auction questions.

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