Experience Next-Gen Item Sourcing For Silent Auctions!

There are zero upfront costs, so there is no risk to your organization. You only pay the wholesale price for what sells at your event and keep the profit – it’s that simple.

We are proud to collaborate with riskfreeitemshop.com to offer our Bid Beacon customers the best risk-free vacations, experiences, items, jewelry, and more.

Our shop features a curated, best-selling, highly-vetted collection of risk-free vacations, experiences, jewelry, and more, to help organizations maximize fundraising at their silent auction events.

With zero upfront costs, there is no risk to your organization!

How It Works: 4 Steps

Optional, But Highly Recommended:

Select items, add them to your cart, and complete the Checkout process.

No payment is due.

Download your item information on the Order Confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation email.

The item provider will reach out within 2-3 business days to finalize your order request.

After the conclusion of your event, the provider will invoice you for the whole cost (of items sold) and distribute them to your winners.

"Smart-Source" Auction Items

Run Your Free AI-Powered Donor Intelligence Report!
Get a FREE customized report for your donor audience in less than 5 minutes. This report will provide the insights and guidance you need to build an auction with items and price points that are desirable and relevant for your unique audience.

*Donor Intelligence Report is currently only available in the United States. Additional countries will be eligible to use this tool in the future.

Silent Auction Best Practices, AI, and Risk-Free Items

Increase your net profit by an average of 30% per fundraising event!

You only pay the wholesale price for what sells at your event, and then keep the profit – it’s truly RISK FREE.

The shop/AI bundle will help your organization offer unique packages and items that your supporters will love! This will also increase bidding activity and help you raise more for your cause.

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Item Shop - FAQs

Bid Beacon collaborates with riskfreeitemshop.com to host our item shop and aggregate items and packages from top risk-free providers.

For help with your risk-free items, please email [email protected]

Any questions regarding Bid Beacon and your online silent auction can be directed to [email protected]

Any individual or organization using Bid Beacon can select items for their fundraising event.

The Bid Beacon shop on riskfreeitemshop.com is free to use, and there is no markup on any of our items.

Immediately. As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be directed to the Order Confirmation page where you will be asked to download your packages. Each download includes a PDF with images, descriptions, winner certificates, and recommended pricing for that item.

You will also receive an email confirmation with the digital links to your inbox. Please check your SPAM/JUNK/BULK if you do not receive your confirmation email.

The package/item provider(s) will reach out to you within 2-3 business days following the submission of your order.

There is no limit on how many items you can select, however, riskfreeitemshop.com recommends that each organization use its judgment to select the number of items that will best augment their fundraising offerings.

If you are unsure, selecting 2 to 5 items can be a safe bet depending on the size of your auction. And again, since these are risk-free items, you will only pay for what sells.

riskfreeitemshop.com aggregates items and packages from eight of the top item providers through their sister company, CharityACE. They also offer high quality jewelry through Jewels With A Purpose.

The team at riskfreeitemshop.com has a rigid vetting process for each package, experience, and item to ensure the highest quality in the industry.

After you submit your order, the item provider will contact you within 2-3 business days to finalize your order request and provide information on billing and item fulfillment to your winners after your event.

To have jewelry or signed merchandise shipped in advance, please submit your order 10 days prior to your event.

Vacations and experiences are handled digitally and sent via email to your winners.

The jewelry provider of riskfreeitemshop.com will ship items free to your winners after your fundraising event. They will also ship the items free to your on-site event on request. Due to international shipping rates, tariffs and import taxes, jewelry items may only be shipped to recipients in the United States.

Shipping for signed merchandise is subject to the provider.

Recommended pricing/starting bids are provided in the PDF that riskfreeitemshop.com will send to you after you complete the checkout process. However, consult your Donor Intelligence Report to understand how best to price items for your audience.

Please note that all pricing/starting bids must be higher than the wholesale price.

riskfreeitemshop.com does everything it can to prevent this from happening, which is why their packages and items can be sold multiple times without any issues. However, in the rare event that this happens, riskfreeitemshop.com will offer your donor a replacement package that is as close as possible to the original package, or refund their money.

For the time being, jewelry items may only be shipped to recipients in the United States. This is due to international shipping rates, tariffs and import taxes.

All other items and packages that riskfreeitemshop.com offers can be shipped internationally.

Donor Intelligence Report - FAQs

There is no cost to upload your donor data and generate the Donor Intelligence Report. However, if you would like to download individual donor insights, riskfreeitemshop.com charges 20 cents per record.

Simply download the CSV template included in Step #1 of the instructions and cut and paste the required information (first name, last name, email, phone). Once the CSV file is ready, return to the Donor Intelligence Report page and type in your name, email address, and organization name. Then click on the ‘Upload Data to Generate Report’ button and select the CSV file you created. The report will generate in 3-5 minutes.

Once the report is generated, you can print the report as a PDF to view or share. You will also be emailed a shareable link to the report.

Click on the ‘Download All Insights’ button in the top right corner of the report and follow the instructions to download the data (riskfreeitemshop.com charges 20 cents per record).

The system tracks approximately 1,200 data points per individual, with the information housed in large databases of millions of people that all AI companies use. The riskfreeitemshop.com algorithms produce incredibly accurate predictive analytics for you to drive more engagement and profitability to your fundraising event.

Absolutely. Your data is completely secure, and riskfreeitemshop.com strictly adheres to their privacy policy, and does not sell or share your data. The riskfreeitemshop.com privacy policy can be found here.

You can utilize the key insights from the report to better understand your donor audience and use that information to select items relevant to your audience.

You may upload up to 10,000 contacts at no charge.

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