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About BidBeacon

Disappointed by the low revenues from all your efforts organizing a silent auction? Bring your auctions into the 21st century, allowing your guests to view and bid on items straight from their phone. They no longer need to elbow their way to the bid sheet, and they are notified when they are outbid on an item. No luls in bidding means getting the most fundraising dollars out of your auction! BidBeacon works for small charity events and sports team fundraisers, to large corporate events with thousands of guests.

What's New?

We've been working hard at making BidBeacon the best silent auction app out there! Check here for announcements!

Last Minute Scramble

April 11, 2018

We just ran our biggest auction yet! 500 items and 200 users placing nearly 4000 bids! The main thing we learned from this auction is that people waiting to bid at the last minute just plain stinks. Auctions are supposed to be a price discovery mechanism, not a 'who can click at the last second' competition!

Stay tuned for an update that should mitigate this last minute rush, helping you get top dollar for you auction items, and no frustrated guests because they got out bid at the last second!!

Admin Enhancements

March 21, 2018

We've been working with a client liquidating the assets of an organization, and they have a TON of stuff to auction off. This means a lot of duplicate items which got tedious to enter. To help them out, we added an item duplication option, which conveniently copies the name, description, minimum bid amount and increment and images into a new item! Oh, and we added arrows to indicate when an item has multiple images.

App Enhancements

March 14, 2018

We've been working with a client liquidating the assets of an organization, and they have a TON of stuff to auction off. Using their feedback we've added a couple of nifty new features:

  • Deleting Sponsors
  • Tutorial on first launch
  • Ability to leave/re-enter auctions
  • Sorting/filtering of attendees
  • Expanding/collapsing of categories

Welcome to the digital age of bidding

This is the easiest to use and most cost conscious auction app out there.



Auction Setup

Create your auction, add items and manage your event all from your phone or tablet.

Live Updates

Instantly get notified when someone outbids you.

Push Notifications

Alerts keep you informed, even when not in the app.

Information at a Glance

Detailed analytics during and after the auction.


Bidders can follow specific auction items, or filter by category.


Promote your sponsors by adding their logos to your auction, shown as a banner.

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Download BidBeacon and experience the world of fast, fun, easy bidding.


We offer different version levels with features to suit your needs and budget.

  • No Reserves
  • 10 Items
  • Our Banner*
  • $1 Max Starting Price
  • $1 Max Increments
Always Free
  • No Reserves
  • Unlimited Items
  • Our Banner*
  • Any Start Price or Increments
  • Reserve Amounts
  • Banners of Your Sponsors
  • Export Auction Results
  • Built in Support
  • Account Manager**

Introductory Offer - Free!!

For a limited time, all auctions levels are free! Try us out, we’d love to hear what you think.

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