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About Bid Beacon

Want to maximize revenue of your fundraising event? Bring your auctions into the 21st century, allowing your guests to view and bid on items straight from their smartphone or tablet. No more need to elbow your way to the ‘bid sheet’, and guests are notified when they are outbid. No Lulls in bidding translates into more dollars. Bid Beacon works for small charity events and sports team fundraisers, to large corporate events with thousands of guests. Project live bidding to a projector to further enhance the experience for all your guests and incent further bidding. Get started now for free!

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Best Pricing in the Industry

Flat rate pricing
We don't take a % of your sales, it's all yours
Buy only what you need
Scale up with bundles and addons as needed
No revenue limit
There is no limit to how much you can raise
One Auction Raised $23,351 at cost of only $75!!
"Our auction was a huge success thanks to bid beacon"

What's New?

We've been working hard at making Bid Beacon the best and most cost effective silent auction app out there! Check here for announcements!

Welcome to the digital age of bidding

This is the easiest to use and most cost effective auction app out there.



Easy Auction Setup

Create your auction in minutes, add items and manage your event all from your desktop, phone or tablet.

Live Updates

Instantly get notified within the app when someone outbids you.

Push Notifications

Alerts keep you informed when outbid, even when not in the app.

Information at a Glance

Detailed analytics during and after the auction.


Bidders can follow specific auction items, or filter by category.


Promote your sponsors by adding their logos to your auction, shown as a banner.


Admins and guests can exchange messages and better support guests.

Easy Auction Closing

When auction ends, easily see guest winnings with subtotals.

Item Types

Auction items can be added for regular bidding, or to 'buy now', or accept donations.

Get Guests Excited!

Show your auctions activity (i.e. highest bid items, most active items) on a screen at your event to keep guests engaged and bidding, increasing your revenues!

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"We used Bid Beacon for a Gala and Celebrity Golf Tournament. The app was easy to use and our event attendees really enjoyed the convenience. Bid Beacon staff did a great job of answering any questions we had in a timely manner"

- Lisa Wolansky, EA/Communications Specialist, Children's Autism Services of Edmonton

"- ARC’s Bid Beacon mobile app provided a unique mechanism for us to maximize silent auction dollars while making it convenient for our supporters to participate. Great contribution from ARC.

- Tom Sides, Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

"Using the Bid Beacon app was a great customer service experience. Throughout the entire process, a Bid Beacon representative was readily available to walk me through auction set-up to going live. I definitely plan to use Bid Beacon for future event silent auctions."

- Mia Wright, President & Director, NBWA

"If it weren't for Bid Beacon, we would have missed out on a successful fundraising opportunity! Bid Beacon is like getting all our invitees in one room, at one time, to hold a live auction, whenever we want! Many thanks, Bid Beacon! We'll definitely do this again!"

- Lorraine Whaley, President, HADC

"When the church I was helping to lead made the decision to wind down, we were left with a large inventory of supplies, equipment, tech gear, kids’ toys, books, furniture, kitchen equipment and other items.

We chose to liquidate a large inventory of supplies, equipment, tech gear, and other items using Bid Beacon. We were able to load up over 450 items quickly and efficiently, thanks to the duplicate and edit feature. Every item had one or multiple pictures attached.
The whole experience was very satisfying and far more practical that the garage sale/Kijiji alternatives. I would highly recommend Bid Beacon for any fundraising or asset liquidation challenge."

- Dave Milton, Member, Imagining Church

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