Collect Payments

Reduce the payment scramble at the end of the auction with our NEW Express Banking connection available with the Ultimate Risk-Free auction plan.

Or, choose the best of both online and offline collections with the Build Your Auction plan.

This covers the multiple different payment options and how to set them up seamlessly in the app.

Set up Payment Connections

Alternate Payment Options

Available for Build Your Auction plans, the Alternate Online Payments add-on gives admins the ability to accept payments online through Stripe, Square, or PayPal. Guests will then have the option to pay for their items through in Bid Beacon by clicking a Pay button. All online payments are then managed through the payment provider of your choice. If no online payment provider is set up, you will be accepting payments “Offline”.

“Offline” payments means you will be collecting 100% outside of the app (for example: cash, cheque, Venmo, e-transfer, etc.). With Alternate Online Payments, you have the choice to collect online payments, offline payments, or a mix of both.

NOTE: Bid Beacon does not store any credit card information. All payment information is handled through PCI-compliant payment providers (Stripe, Square PayPal).

Completely Secure

Our payment integrations use the best practices of the various payment providers. No credit card information is passed through, or stored on our servers. Electronic payments through Bid Beacon are supported by the following PCI compliant providers: Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

Percentage or Flat Fee

Express Banking Connection does take a percentage of funds earned – rate details can be found on our Pricing Page.

Our Alternate Online Payment add-on is a flat fee, with no percentage taken by Bid Beacon. Stripe, Square, PayPal, do charge their typical payment processing fees.

Whichever plan you choose, the auction admin can enter a payment surcharge that flows through to guests with winning bids. This surcharge can help offset the cost of platform and payment provider fees.

Want to Enable Auto Pay for Your Guests?

To automatically charge guests as soon as an auction closes, you have two options.

  1. Choose the Ultimate Risk-Free plan. In addition to unlocking every feature and having an unlimited number of items, guests, images, and admin roles, you will also accept payment through Express Banking (i.e. Stripe Connect). This version of Stripe allows funds to flow directly through to your bank account.
  2. Using the Build Your Auction plan, you will first purchase the Alternate Online Payments add-on. Secondly, you MUST connect a Stripe account. From the Payment Settings tab in Bid Beacon, toggle on the option that says, “Require Credit Card and Autopay at Auction Close
*Note that Square and PayPal do not offer this auto pay feature
**If auto pay is enabled, you will not be able to also accept offline payments