The Bid Beacon Quick Start Guide for Guests

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register for Bid Beacon, join and participate in an auction!

Click here to download a one-page PDF version of this quick start guide to make available to your guests

Step 1 - Register and Login

You can access Bid Beacon either as a mobile app downloaded from app stores, or as a web version that runs in your browser.

This convenient link will take you to the app based on whatever platform you are currently on:

Step 2 - Join Auction

Depending on how you were invited, you may or may not see an auction listed on the home screen. If you do not, you will have to enter the invite code in the ‘Joining An Auction’ box as shown here.

This invite code will look something like CN24LB, which is the invite code to our Demo Auction that you are welcome to join to try out.

Step 3 - Setup Profile

If you registered by email, you have already had opportunity to set this part up. You can set your Display Name to show something other than your actual name to other auction guests, a different email for admins to contact you at, and a phone number if you want to receive SMS notifications

Note that the profile can be access from the top right of the home page by clicking the gear icon, or from inside the auction from ‘Edit Profile’ in the side menu.

Step 4 - Enter Auction

If you’ve already joined an auction (or been automatically joined to an auction), you will see the auction listed on the home screen. Click View Items to be taken into the auction.

Step 5 - Auction Details

Upon entering the auction, you will be presented a summary screen showing you the auction details, like when the bidding ends, and any description an auction host may have added to the auction.

If the auction host has required guests to verify their emails, you will see this here, and you will not be able to bid until you verify your email. To verify, you just need to click a button in an email that is sent to the email address you registered with (not required with Facebook, Apple, or Google login).

If you cannot find the email, be sure to check your spam folder. If you request another activation email, the button in old emails won’t work.

If the auction host knows you, they can manually verify your account under ‘Manage Guests’ in their app.

Step 6 - Dynamic End Time

If your auction host has enabled Dynamic End Times, you will get an alert like this. What this means is that if bidding is still active in the last 30 seconds of the auction, the system will automatically extend the End Time to ensure everyone has a chance to counter last-second bids.

Step 7 - Browse Items Page

This is the main page within an auction. If no categories were created, it will list all items like in the next section.

At the top of the screen you see how much time is remaining in the auction.

At the bottom you see how much you are committed to spend so far, but this can change as you are outbid.

Clicking on a category will take you into that category to see items therein.

Also note that near the top right is a tab for ‘Followed Items’. This will show you the items you have bid on, or that you have explicitly followed by tapping on a heart icon when viewing an item (explained further below)

Step 8 - Item List

This is what you will see on auction home page if no categories, or if you drill into a category. If drilled into a category, you will have a back arrow at top left to get back to all categories.

The red banner at left lets you know if you have placed a bid on an item, but are no longer winning it. This banner will also indicate different types of items other than auction items. Possible types are Donations, Buy Now, Live items

On the right of image you’ll see “C: 44 Days 2h”. This is an item that has an earlier end time than the auction.

Step 9 - Bidding On Items

This is the main item page where depending on item type you can place bids, make donations, etc.. At the top right you have a heart icon to follow an item so that it appears under the ‘Following’ tab on the ‘Browse Items’ page. And the speech bubble can be used to submit questions about the item to auction admins.

At the very bottom you should see the buttons in the image for placing a bit. If you do not see these it could be because the event hasn’t opened, because it has been closed, or because you haven’t verified your email.

You can use the +- buttons to increase/decrease your bid and place the bid with the green Bid button. 

The Auto Bid button can be used to place a maximum amount you would be willing to pay, and the system will bid on your behalf.

Step 10 - Auction Results & Paying

When the auction ends you will receive an email summarizing your winnings, and you will either automatically be taken to your Auctions Results page, or you will need to click the View Results button at the top of the Browse Items page.

Here it will list your winnings, surcharge if any added by the auction admin, total owing. 

If your auction host has configured payments through Bid Beacon, you will have a button at the bottom to Pay Now, which will then trigger payment through whichever payment provider the auction host has configured (Stripe, Square or PayPal).