Adding Administrators to your auction

Running an auction isn’t a one-person show. That’s why Bid Beacon makes it easy to add additional administrators to help build and manage your event.

Follow these steps to add helpers to your auction

  1. Send the Auction Details Link to your team of administrators, or invite them from within the auction (learn more).
  2. Each team member will need to either create a Bid Beacon account, or log in to their existing account before joining your event.
  3. Once they have joined, navigate to the Manage Guests tab from your auction dashboard.
  4. Find the team member you wish to upgrade to admin status. Under the Access Level column, change their access level from Guest to either Admin or Owner* (See below to learn more about each status)
  5. Have your new admins refresh their browser or log back into Bid Beacon.

Admin statusThese users have access to all add admin functions except payment settings. This access is best for volunteers and anyone who doesn’t need access to add or manage payment settings.

Owner status: Can access all admin functionality including the payment settings. Give this status to your treasurer, or those in charge of collecting and managing your funds.

Banned status: Permanently revoke a guest’s access to view, join, and participate in your auction. This is an irreversible action so consider using the waitlist status.

Waitlist status: If you want to temporarily prevent a guest from participating in your auction, putting them on the waitlist will make it so they can’t place bids on your items.

Guest status: The default status given to anyone who joins your auction. These guests will have the ability to bid on your items.