7 Simple & Successful Summer Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Summer Fundraising Ideas for Kids

With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to start planning fun and impactful activities that can make a difference. Whether you’re part of a youth group, a community organization, a school, or a bunch of friends looking to contribute to a good cause, organizing a fundraiser can be an exciting way to support your community and have fun.

Read on to discover some awesome summer fundraising ideas for kids, teens, and young adults that bring people together and make a memorable summer.

1. Themed Online Silent Auction

Auctions are a fun and effective way to raise money, but hosting an in-person auction takes tons of organization. From renting the venue and collecting auction items to finding an auctioneer, the process can be quite complicated. 

Silent auctions remove the need for an auctioneer, while online silent auctions eliminate the need for a venue and auctioneer. In fact, using the right software can streamline your organization process from start to finish, allowing youth groups to set up auctions quickly and reach a wider audience than traditional in-person auctions. 

Praised for raising engagement levels, bids, and demand, the right online silent auction app will also handle payment processing and post-auction management. Some fun summer silent auction themes include:

  • Summer Getaway: Focus on items that offer escapes like weekend resort stays, cabin retreats, or bed and breakfast deals. You can also include travel accessories, luggage sets, or travel vouchers.
  • Beach Bash: Offer beach-related items such as beach towels, sunshades, picnic baskets, and portable speakers. 
  • Garden Party: This theme can include garden tools, outdoor furniture, landscaping services, and decorative outdoor lighting.
  • Summer Sports: Feature items like signed sports memorabilia, tickets to baseball games or golf packages, and sports equipment.
  • BBQ Bonanza: Auction off gourmet grill tools, BBQ sauce sets, premium cuts of meat, or even a high-end grill. Cooking classes or a private BBQ party hosted by a chef could also be big draws.
  • Family Fun Pack: Tailor this theme towards family-friendly activities and items, such as tickets to amusement parks, family portrait sessions, or memberships to zoos or aquariums.

2. Movie Night Under the Stars

Who doesn’t love a good movie under the stars? Organize an outdoor movie night by setting up a projector in a local park or a large backyard. Charge a small fee and offer popcorn, drinks, and blankets for a cozy evening. You can even turn this creative fundraising idea into a movie marathon or a themed movie series that appeals to different age groups.

School fundraiser setup in hallway

3. Charity Sports Tournament

Sports bring people together, so why not organize a charity sporting event? Pick popular sports among your peers like basketball, soccer, volleyball, or even make an obstacle course. You can ask participants to form teams and make a small donation to compete. 

Not only will this encourage healthy competition, but it’s also a great way to raise funds and can be a repeating event throughout the summer.

4. Car Wash Extravaganza

Set up a car wash in a high-traffic area and let your community know they can get their cars washed while supporting a great cause. Make it fun with music, banners, and lots of suds! Increase donations by offering waxing or interior cleaning.

Car wash fundraiser ran by students

5. Local Talent Show

Showcase the talents of your community with a talent show! Charge an entry fee and let local artists, comedians, and performers entertain an audience. It’s a great way to discover hidden talents and support local artists, all while raising money for your cause.

6. Elevated Lemonade Stand

Don’t underestimate the power of a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. We know this idea is one of the more obvious, but it’s popular for a reason. To make it work, research the best lemonade recipes to find a winner. Then, find baked good recipes that complement your drink and use attractive recyclable cups and plates.

Setting up your stand within your community or near a local sports field or park can help you reach your fundraising goal, but just check local regulations first and attain the necessary permits if needed.

Kids having fun at school fundraiser

7. Social Media Challenge

Use the power of social media to your advantage with a viral challenge or a competition. Participants can contribute a small fee to enter and post their videos or photos with a special hashtag. Offer prizes for the most likes, shares, or creative entries. This is a great way to engage online and reach a wider audience. 

Some unique social media challenge ideas include:

  • Art Challenge
  • Bookworm Challenge
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Dance-Off Challenge
  • Kindness Challenge

Bonus! Enhance Your Event With a Raffle

Raffles are an exciting addition to fundraising efforts. They raise excitement and increase participation through the allure of fantastic prizes. Since prizes are often donated, raffles are cost-effective and the funds raised can directly support your cause. 

You can extend your reach to a broader community by choosing an online platform like Raffle Rocket. This platform ensures compliance with local laws and makes organizing a raffle an efficient, fun, and engaging way to support a good cause.

Choose an Effective Fundraising Platform

Organizing a youth group fundraiser involves a ton of planning. Just one event can take months to organize, and often, it can be tough knowing where to start. Choosing an effective fundraising platform takes the stress off your shoulders, as it can help you organize, promote, and manage your community event. 

Platforms like CommuniBee allow you to easily set up and manage your fundraiser, streamlining the planning process. Designed with effective management, enhanced communication, and unparalleled engagement tools, CommuniBee helps organizations put the fun back into fundraising.

Manage everything from silent auctions, raffles and donations, to sponsors, event ticket sales, and merchandise sales all from a single dashboard!

Make a Difference This Summer With Powerful Fundraising Tools

Fundraising during the summer offers a wonderful opportunity to engage with your community, show your creative side, and support worthy causes. By choosing any of these fundraising ideas for clubs and groups, or better yet, combining a few, you can ensure that your summer is filled with the joy of making a positive impact. 

The key to a successful fundraiser is enthusiasm, effective promotion, and utilizing an effective fundraising platform. So start planning, spread the word, and make this summer unforgettable!

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