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Silent Auction Packages For Event Planners

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Kate Gallagher, Founder, KMG Events

Volume Discounts

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Are you an Event Planner? Managing multiple clients and auctions at once? Take advantage of our volume discount pricing! Earn more money while giving your guests a stress-free experience second-to-none!


  • Increased Revenue
  • Improve Experience
  • Comprehensive Service
  • On-Site Support
  • Additional Features


  • Increased Earnings
  • Richer Offering
  • Price Certainty
  • Manage Multiple Auctions at Once
  • Offer Value-Added Services

Manage Multiple Auctions At Once

With Bid Beacon, event planners can manage any number of silent auctions at the same time! That equals more revenue and bigger client lists!

Build Your Business With Bid Beacon

Earn more by offering your clients full-service digital silent auction support. Bolster your services with additional offerings like on-site staffing, iPad rentals and more! You could hold your nose and pay another full-service auction platform, or you could add those dollars to your bottom line!

Get Certified And Receive More Benefits!

Complete our Bid Beacon Certification Program and you’ll receive:

  • A listing in our exclusive event planner location directory
  • Better discounts on our bundles
  • Access to and input into Bid Beacon’s product direction

Take it from us – Bid Beacon is a win-win!

Hundreds of event planners have started using Bid Beacon to grow their personal businesses! By incorporating your specialized services with our online auction app, you establish yourself as a leading professional in the industry.

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