Invite Your Guests

  • From the auction’s Overview screen, navigate to the Invite Guests tab
  • On this screen, click on the Invite Guests button

By Email

  • Enter one email address in the field provided
  • Click Add To List
  • Repeat for all users you wish to invite
  • Once you have completed your list, click Send Invites

    *To see what the invitation email looks like, send one to yourself first

From Auction

  • Click on the dropdown list and select the past auction you want to invite from
  • A list of guests will appear from that specific auction
  • Uncheck the box next to a guest’s name if you do not wish to invite them
  • Once you’re satisfied with the guest list, click Send Invites


  • Enter the email addresses of your guests in a .txt or .csv file (one line per email)
  • Click Select File
  • Click on the red minus icon to remove an imported guest from the list
  • Once you’re satisfied with the guest list, click Send Invites
  • *Ensure there are no extra spaces in your file
  • Navigate to the Invited tab to view all recently invited guests

Share Your Auction

  • From your auction’s Overview tab
  • View Share Your Auction, copy the Auction Details Link and send it to your supporters via email, through your website and social medias
  • If your audience is familiar with the Bid Beacon app, sharing the Access Code is another way guests can join your auction 
  • Click Save QR to download your auction’s QR code which can then be shared online, added to printed materials like posters or programs or placed around your venue