How do Guests Join my Auction?

In a Nutshell

Invite guests at any time, they will receive real time updates as you add/edit items

1. The best on-boarding experience is to invite users by email through the app. This sends them instructions, and if they register with same email, they are automatically joined to your auction. If you have a list of emails, we have an Import function to invite all

2. Alternatively, share the Invite Page, link available on Auction Details page (‘?’ icon top right on Browse Items page). Example: (replace CN24LB with your code)

3. You can also tell people to download the app (or share this link that will open app in browser or app store as appropriate join with your auctions Invite Code (example code is CN24LB)

Need more detail?

In this short video, we’ll be reviewing how to share your Bid Beacon silent auction invite link. 

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