Admin Auction Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to create an auction in Bid Beacon.

Step 1 - Register and Login

Create Account Screenshot

Admin access to Bid Beacon is only available on a web browser from any device (phone, tablet, computer).

The downloadable app is great for guests but can not be used to access the Admin Dashboard or create an auction.

Admins and guests create accounts the exact same way. Go to app.bidbeacon.com and click Create an Account.

Fill in:

  • Email Address: Used as your log in and for communications about your auctions.
  • Password: Can be changed later if you forgot or mistyped
  • First Name: Your first name
  • Last Name: Your last name
  • Display Name: Can be a version of your name, or something more unique
  • Mobile Phone Number: Optional, if used you will receive text message notifications.  
  • Auction Access Code: Leave blank for now
  • Click Create Account

Step 2 - Create Auction

If it’s your first time on our dashboard, you can view the Bid Beacon Intro video for a
quick overview on both the guest and admin experience in the app.  

Create Auction

To start building an auction click the Create Auction button. Follow the
steps from the setup wizard to create your auction. Details provided within the
wizard can be changed later in the Auction Dashboard.

Step 3 - Set Up Auction

From your auction dashboard, work through each of the setup screens on the left.

Admin Dashboard

Quick Actions take you to pages you’ll frequent more often but all screens have important info
you need to fill out to get the most out of your auction.

Some premium features are locked if running a Free Trial or Build Your Auction plan and haven’t added that feature.

All premium features are included in Ultimate Risk-Free auctions.

Below we’ve separated out our upgraded features from our basic inclusions to help guide your decision on what auction type is right for you.

Bid Beacon's Premium Features

Bid Beacon's Included Features

Step 4 - Payment Settings

From the Overview screen, click on Payment Settings to configure how guests will pay. This is a pretty important step – so much so it has its own guide!

You may need a treasurer’s help to complete payment setup.  Review our guide on adding administrators and share the payment guide with your treasurer.

Step 5 - Add Items, Categories & Taxes or fees

You can’t host a silent auction without any items. From the Overview screen, click on Manage Items.

From here, we can manage existing or create new items, categories and add taxes or fees to items if necessary. 

Step 6 - Share Your Auction

In addition to directly inviting your supporters and network to join, be sure to share and promote your auction a variety of ways.

On the Overview screen, check out the Share Your Auction! section.

  • The Info URL is great for buttons on websites, posting to your social media channels or adding to emails.  
  • If your guests are familiar with the Bid Beacon app, sharing the Access Code is another way for them to quickly join your auction after logging in.
  • Click Save QR to download your auction’s unique QR code which can then be added to printed materials like programs, posters on golf carts or placed around your venue.

A few tips and tricks we’ve seen:

  • Share the page link from the item itself with that items donor to suggest they cross promote with their supporters too.
  • Invite guests from your last Bid Beacon auction on the “Manage Guests” Screen
  • Use Custom Notifications to create a buzz
  • Cross promote your Raffle Rocket and Bid Beacon events on each unique page

Step 7 - During the Auction

During the auction there are many things admins and volunteers can do to help things along.

  • Use Bid As Guest to place bids for a guest who does not have access to a mobile device, or who may be having trouble using our system.
  • Use Notifications to create fun messages bringing people back into the app
  • View progress and success in your reports with up to date information each time you export them
  • Share item links and promote on social media, big screen or other means

What not to do during the auction:

  • Don’t mess with the payment settings during the auction, some can’t be changed once bids are placed
  • Don’t end the auction if you’re not truly ready for it to end, there is no going back live once it’s over
  • Don’t change your organization country or province/state (unless you legit need to!) because that changes the currency of your auction
  • Don’t forget if you’ve set reserves on items to confirm before the auction ends that you are still OK with it. If the bid is “close enough”, you can remove the reserve before the auction ends and a winner will be declared.

Step 8 - Auction End

When the auction end time comes, Bid Beacon will automatically close all bids, review the auction data and within a minute declare winners and send out personalized emails to each guest. With Express Banking we’ll even automatically charge all winners for the items they won.

In addition, a Results screen becomes available:

Auction Results screen

On the Results screen, guests will only see the Your Winnings tab.