How To Add Auction Items To Your Silent Auction

In this short video, we’ll be reviewing how to add auction items to your silent auction. 

Create Auction Items

  • On the main Bid Beacon page Select the All Items tab
  • Click add button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open the View Item Screen
  • The Camera button allows you to take a picture of the item or the auction or download it from your device
  • Give the item a Name. This is the name people will see when on the list of available items
  • The Unique Identifier is a number used by your organization to track the item for your records
  • Enter a Description of the item. This can include the name of the person who donated the item, the value of the item, or any information that people may want. This will be displayed when people start bidding on an item
  • Click the Select Category drop down. This will open the Category list
  • To add categories select Add new and click OK, this will open Add Category section of the page.
  • Enter the Bidding information:
  • Reserve $ – the lowest bid that the seller is willing to sell the item for. The seller can decide if they will accept a final bid for less than the reserve price
  • Starting $ – the starting bid for the item
  • Increment $ – the minimum bid increment
  • When all the information has been entered click Done at the top of the page

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