Setting Up With PayPal

For quicker set up, it is recommended to use two browser tabs.

In one internet browser open Bid Beacon and navigate to Manage Auction

    • Navigate to Payment Settings in left side menu
    • To set up your online payment connection, select the SETUP PAYPAL tab

In a second internet tab, log in to the PayPal Developer Dashboard (this is not your usual sign in link), or create a new PayPal Business account then log in through the link provided above.  

  • Under My apps & credentials, toggle from Sandbox to Live to ensure you aren’t using test keys
  • Click Create App
Setup with Paypal
  • Type in an app name such as “Bid Beacon Auction” and click Create App
  • Copy the Client ID
  • Return to the Bid Beacon tab to paste this key into the PayPal Client ID field 
  • Return to the PayPal tab and click Show under Secret and a new section will appear below
  • Copy the series of letters and numbers populated under the Secret heading
  • Return to your Bid Beacon tab and paste this key into the PayPal Secret Key field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Bid Beacon tab and Save
  • Click the Test Payment button.
    • Note that you will be using a real credit card to test a $1 payment. Once completed, a successful payment message will appear. *you can skip logging in and just test with credit card
  • Return to the PayPal tab and log out of the developers dashboard
  • Log in to your standard dashboard using this link: PayPal Log in
  • View your recent activity. The $1 payment (minus PayPal’s processing fee) should appear within minutes. This is where you can review and manage payments made by your guests going forward.   

Want to Enable Auto Pay for Your Guests?

Unfortunately, PayPal does not have an auto pay feature. This means that once your auction ends, guests with winning bids will log back into Bid Beacon to pay for their items.

If you would like to automatically charge guests as soon as your auction closes, you have two options:

    1. Choose the Ultimate Risk-Free plan. In addition to unlocking every feature and having an unlimited number of items, guests, images, and admin roles, you will also accept payment through Express Banking (i.e. Stripe Connect). This version of Stripe allows funds to flow directly through to your bank account.
    2. Using the Build Your Auction plan, you will first purchase the Alternate Online Payments add-on. Secondly, you MUST connect a Stripe account. From the Payment Settings tab in Bid Beacon, toggle on the option that says, “Require Credit Card and Autopay at Auction Close
*Note that Square and PayPal do not offer this auto pay feature
**If auto pay is enabled, you will not be able to also accept offline payments