Setting Up With Paypal

For quicker set up, it is recommended to use two browser tabs.

In one internet browser open Bid Beacon and navigate to Manage Auction

    • Navigate to Payment Settings in left side menu
    • Under How Will Guests Pay, click Online
    • Below Configure Online Payment, select SETUP PAYPAL

In a second internet tab, log in to the PayPal Developer Dashboard (this is not your usual sign in link), or create a new Paypal Business account then log in through the link provided above.  

  • Under My apps & credentials, toggle from Sandbox to Live to ensure you aren’t using test keys
  • Click Create App
Setup with Paypal
  • Type in an app name such as “Bid Beacon Auction” and click Create App
  • Copy the Client ID
  • Return to the Bid Beacon tab to paste this key into the PayPal Client ID field 
  • Return to the PayPal tab and click Show under Secret and a new section will appear below
  • Copy the series of letters and numbers populated under the Secret heading
  • Return to your Bid Beacon tab and paste this key into the PayPal Secret Key field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Bid Beacon tab and Save
  • Click the Test Payment button. Note that you will be using a real credit card to test a $1 payment. Once completed, a successful payment message will appear. *you can skip logging in and just test with credit card
  • Return to the PayPal tab and log out of the developers dashboard
  • Log in to your standard dashboard using this link: PayPal Log in
  • View your recent activity. The $1 payment (minus PayPal’s processing fee) should appear within minutes. This is where you can review and manage payments made by your guests going forward.