Setting Up With Stripe

For quicker set up, it is recommended to use two browser tabs.

In one internet browser, open Bid Beacon and navigate to the Manage Auction screen

    • Navigate to Payment Settings in left side menu
    • Under How Will Guests Pay, click Online
    • Below Configure Online Payment, select SETUP STRIPE

In a second internet tab, log in to Stripe (or create a new account then view dashboard)

  • In the upper right side of your dashboard click Developers
  • In the left side menu click API Keys
  • Ensure you are viewing Live Keys (not test)
  • Under Standard Keys copy the token named Publishable Key
  • Return to the Bid Beacon tab to paste the publishable key into the corresponding field
  • Return to the Stripe tab and click Reveal Live Key under token on the Secret Key row
  • Copy the Secret Key 
  • Return to your Bid Beacon tab and paste secret key into the corresponding field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Bid Beacon tab and click Save
  • Click the Test Payment button. Note that you will be using a real credit card to test a $1 payment. Once completed, a successful payment message will appear.
  • Return to the Stripe tab and in the upper left menu, click Payments. Your $1 payment will appear here.  
Stripe Dashboard