Setting Up With Stripe

For quicker set up, it is recommended to use two browser tabs.

In one internet browser, open Bid Beacon and navigate to the Manage Auction screen

    • Navigate to Payment Settings in left side menu
    • To set up your online payment connection, select the SETUP STRIPE tab

In a second internet tab, log in to Stripe by signing in or creating a new account. Once signed in, navigate to your Stripe dashboard.

  • In the upper right side of your dashboard, click Developers
  • In the left side menu, click API Keys
  • Ensure you are viewing Live Keys (not test)
  • Under Standard Keys, copy the token named Publishable Key
  • Return to the Bid Beacon tab to paste the publishable key into the corresponding field
  • Return to the Stripe tab and click Reveal Live Key under token on the Secret Key row
  • Copy the Secret Key 
  • Return to your Bid Beacon tab and paste the Secret Key into the corresponding field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Bid Beacon tab and click Save
  • Click the Test Payment button. Note that you will be using a real credit card to test a $1 payment. Once completed, a successful payment message will appear.
  • Return to the Stripe tab and in the upper left menu, click Payments. Your $1 payment will appear here.  
  • Below API keys, select Webhooks
  • Click on the URL listed under Hosted endpoints
  • Near the top of the page, find the Signing secret section and click on Reveal
  •  Copy the Signing secret key starting with whsec_
  • Paste this Signing secret key in the Stripe Webhook Secret field

Want to Enable Auto Pay for Your Guests?

To automatically charge guests as soon as an auction closes, follow the steps below:

  1. Successfully set up your Stripe account by including the correct Publishable Key and Secret Key from your Stripe dashboard.
  2. Ensure that you have run at least one Test Payment.
  3. From the Payment Settings tab, below the Stripe Publishable Key field will be a option that says, “Require Credit Card and Autopay at Auction Close“. Click this setting to enable auto pay.
*Square and PayPal do not offer this auto pay feature
**If auto pay is enabled, you will not be able to also accept offline payments

***This setting cannot to enabled if bids have already been placed, so make sure everything is set up prior to your auction start date